"We are Echo Memoirs!"

Eric Uhlich, Production Coordinator, Designer

Eric Uhlich graduated with an English degree and subsequently spent a lot of his twenties living and travelling overseas. He eventually returned to Canada, turned thirty and made a plan to start a career in publishing. A few short years later he was the designer at Geist magazine in Vancouver and was working on a nice variety of design, illustration and production projects in Canada and world-wide.

At Echo Memoirs, Eric is the final team member to work with your book. He helps your old photos glow with history and the new ones shine, he makes the little edits and changes that perfect your book and ensures that it dazzles in print. He is the production coordinator and he finds joy in the details: the exact alignment of text, just the right contrast in a photo, the optimal resolution and colour of images.

"I love to get lost in our projects. Watching a story unfold, image by image as I work through a book, I look up only to find I've been absorbed for hours. I have a checklist for every project, and I know when I'm through the list, that book is ready to print."