Knowing the Art of Storytelling

January 13, 2012

Filed under: Echo stories,Internal Storytelling — Megan Lau @ 9:00 am

When Sam expanded the company and moved to the 2,500-square-foot loft space I’m sitting in now, I bet she didn’t realize that along with all the great space, she’d get some bright and brilliant tenants to share the office with—like Denim & Steel and Boxcar Marketing.

Last year, Tylor and Todd of Denim & Steel asked our creative director, John, to be the guest speaker at one of their For Ideas Beyond Tech forums. The speaker series invites members of the technology community to come listen to “people with something to share from outside the tech bubble.”

Naturally, John spoke about the art of storytelling—it’s one of the many things he does brilliantly. So, on Wednesday night, John entertained and charmed the enthusiastic forum attendees with some unexpected ideas. Writes Todd:

Starting with a gallop through the forms that storytelling has taken through history, John looked at how the pre-copyright practices of oral tradition, where story elements were borrowed, modified, mixed and matched have come back to us with the digital tools so widely available. Today’s remixer is yesteryear’s creative orator.

Predictably, the forum attendees got thinking and were inspired to have John lead the formation of a digital storytelling lab. We’re excited to see what these mad scientists will concoct: touch-screen memoirs? 3-D animated family trees?

Monique from Boxcar was one of the forum’s lucky attendees, too, and is a digital marketer. After the gathering on Wednesday night, she wrote a great guide to storytelling for businesses.

After the forum, our office’s (online) stories are all connected and we’re all connected by storytelling.

For more about upcoming forums, see Denim & Steel’s website, and click here to read John’s story.