Habits of the heart

December 1, 2010

Filed under: Corporate Culture,Our Clients — Samantha Reynolds @ 9:10 pm

We got the exciting news yesterday that we have been awarded the contract to write, design and publish the 150th anniversary book for Trinity College School, a private school in Port Hope, Ontario.

The school won me over as soon as I read their mission statement: “Develop habits of the heart and mind for a life of purpose and service.” Imagine a world where every child is supported to do just that.

We have a policy at Echo Memoirs we call “Delight the Client.” We ensure that on every project, we take the time to truly delight each client by getting to know their unique tastes and doing something that shows we’ve really listened. It might be as simple as hearing that a client’s eleven-year-old daughter has just announced that she’s vegetarian, so we buy them an introduction-to-vegetarianism cookbook. Small, but it shows we are paying attention, and trust me, our clients really do get delighted. One client recently knit a hat for my son, and we did a book for her over eight years ago. Now, that’s a happy customer.

But back to Trinity College School. Before we even signed the contract, I found that it was me being delighted at every turn. This is a culture that evidently believes in delighting everyone they come into contact with, not just their clients, which in their case are the parents of their students, and alumni.

For example, the headmaster, Stuart Grainger, took the time to congratulate me on the success of my company. And the volunteer committee chair, Maria Phipps, is contagiously enthusiastic and gracious.

We’re thrilled to be invited to tell the Trinity story, and look forward to finding creative ways to delight them. For now, I’m grateful to them already for the reminder to make delighting everyone a habit of the heart.